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El Chapo's twin daughters had a decadent Barbie-themed birthday. Mexicans aren't happy about it

El Chapo Coronel, a 29-year-old former beauty queen who caught Guzman’s eye at a pageant a decade ago, may also have her own family money. She is a niece of Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, a onetime partner of Guzman who was killed in a July 2010 shootout with the Mexican army. Emma Coronel, who was born in Los Angeles, gave birth to the twins in 2011 at a hospital in Lancaster. The failure to seize Guzman’s assets has not been for lack of trying by officials on both sides of the border, Hope said. Soldiers escort Joaquin Guzman, alias “El Chapo,” upon his arrival to the hangar of the attorney general’s office in Mexico City on Jan. 8, 2016. (Pedro Mera / TNS) Drug kingpins are expert at laundering and concealing money — hiding it in real estate, small businesses and sometimes even holes dug in the ground. At the same time, Mexico’s legal framework for seizing drug money is still under development and is less advanced than those of other nations, such as Colombia. Chikinarcos, or narco juniors, as the children of Mexico’s drug lords are called, have never been known for their modesty. Damaso Lopez-Serrano, who is the son of another onetime Sinaloa cartel leader and believed to be Guzman’s godson, famously posted photos on social media of his million-dollar jewelry, gold-plated guns and pet cheetah.

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Georgian priests lead anti-cannabis march …as found by BBC Monitoring These are external links and will open in a new window Image caption Priests led Sunday’s protests Georgia’s government has halted moves to legalise medical marijuana cultivation after protests led by the country’s powerful Orthodox church. Parliament speaker Irakli Kobakhidze told reporters the authorities would not take any “hasty decisions” but rather try to get its message across to the public, the news site reports . “False information is being spread, so we need to pay particular attention to informing the public, and then take the decision together,” he said, adding that opponents of the cannabis bill had “misled” Georgians into thinking it meant all drug restrictions would simply be dropped. The interior ministry confirmed earlier this month that it wanted to approve the cultivation of medical cannabis strictly for export, emphasising that the sale of marijuana in Georgia itself “will remain a criminal offence”, IPN news agency reported. The row over the seemingly-innocuous bill blew up in the wake of a dramatic summer of protests over police drug raids that activists said targeted gay-friendly night clubs in the capital Tbilisi. The libertarian New Political Centre Girchi party launched a legal challenge to the drugs laws on the back of the protests, and the Constitutional Court effectively decriminalised cannabis for personal use . The government denied any anti-LGBT agenda, but for the Church and its allies the whole question of drugs is tied up with their opposition to gay rights. Fr Andria Jaghmaidze, who often puts the Church point of view across to the media, told the BBC that “LGBT propaganda promotes a drastically liberalised drugs policy that contradicts Church teachings “. The news about the cannabis cultivation bill prompted expressions of concern by senior bishops, culminating in a forthright sermon on Sunday by Patriarch Ilia II , the head of the Orthodox Church. Image caption Patriarch Ilia’s sermon set off the march on Freedom Square “The authorities need to take responsibility for this matter. It should not be handed over to the private sector.

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