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9 of the very first editions of famous American newspapers

Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Some of the most iconic American newspapers have been around for two centuries. Newspapers revolutionized communication and the way people receive news. Some of the first newspapers emerged in the 1800s and have been so successful that they continue to reach millions of readers two decades later. Here are nine of the very first editions of famous American newspapers like New York Times and Washington Post. Many of the most iconic American newspapers have been around since the 1800s, when the Industrial Revolution took off and made print more accessible to readers . To break into such a robust industry as newspapers in the 19th century was no easy feat, according to W. Joseph Campbell , media history professor at American University and author of ” Getting It Wrong: Debunking the Greatest Myths in American Journalism .” “Multiple newspapers in major cities were slugging it out, and it was a very challenging market for newspapers to break into,” Campbell told Business Insider. “The casualty rate was very high.” Once established, remaining stable through the introduction of digital media in the late 1900s brought on another layer of challenges for print publications , and print advertising revenue began to decline by the billions, AEI reported. According to Campbell, a few legacy brands have been able to withstand the influence of digital media due to key components they possessed early on, like a strong point of view, a publisher with deep pockets, and a competitive price, that allowed them to go the distance.

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On Wednesday, Louie Keen, the owner of the Uranus attraction who is bankrolling the new paper, worked to ease some hesitant minds. “If I don’t put out the best newspaper that’s ever been put out, then I’m going to be run out of town as a fraud.” Keen and Sanders announced they will have eight full time reporters writing for the paper, covering local sports, county commission meetings, city council meetings, and community events. There will be a six to eight page section used for “entertainment” and advertising, and breaking news type stories will be featured on their newspaper’s website. “We’re a weekly, obviously we’re going to be a week behind,” Keen said. “We’re going to send this thing to print on Tuesday. So we can’t cover what’s on Wednesday. If something’s breaking in town, it’ll be on our website.” The first edition of The Uranus Examiner will be printed on October 25th, with 45,000 copies going to mailboxes in Pulaski County, Rolla, and Lebanon. The paper will then use the next two weeks for public feedback and interest. Then, the paper will go into it’s weekly publishing schedule on November 15th with only 13,000 copies being mailed to Pulaski County residents. I asked if Sanders is worried about her journalistic reputation, and the reputations of the reporters she has hired for her staff if this newspaper ends up a sideshow, like the museum located at the Uranus attraction. “I don’t think there’s any concern about her reputation because she’s going to put out a serious newspaper,” Keen said.

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