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Myanmar Sentences Reuters Journalists to 7 Years in Prison

The reporters’ defenders, including news organizations and rights groups from around the world, say their only crime was committing journalism, documenting the mass killings and ethnic cleansing by soldiers and Buddhist mobs in Rakhine State that began in August last year. Their lawyers argued that all the documents cited by the judge in convicting and sentencing Mr. Wa Lone and Mr. Kyaw Soe Oo — including the rolled-up papers, as well as files and phone numbers captured from their cellphones and homes — were already public at the time of their arrest, and that having phone numbers was part of their job. The judge, U Ye Lwin, ruled that the journalists intended to harm the country by sharing its secrets. “It cannot be said that they were doing normal journalistic work,” he said in announcing the verdict. “And the top-secret documents they were holding can be useful to the enemies of the country or the ones who oppose the country.” The judge’s verdict and harsh sentence outraged rights activists and dealt another blow to the legacy of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace laureate who heads the civilian government, as a former symbol of the fight for democracy and human rights. It was her government that pursued the charges against the two journalists, despite her own history of serving 15 years under house arrest at the hands of an earlier military government in Myanmar, then known as Burma. “It’s deeply troubling for everybody who has struggled so hard here for media freedom,” said Scot Marciel, the United States ambassador to Myanmar, who attended the court hearing. Mr. Wa Lone, 32, and Mr.

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Youve Heard of Outsourced Jobs, but Outsourced Pollution? Its Real, and Tough to Tally Up

Brad Plumer That may be changing. Last fall, California’s lawmakers took an early stab at confronting the issue by setting new low-carbon standards on the steel the state buys for its infrastructure projects. But dealing with imported emissions remains a thorny problem. Some environmentalists see it as the next frontier of climate policy. The new report, which analyzes global trade from 15,000 different sectors — from toys and office equipment to glass and aluminum — builds on previous academic research to provide one of the most detailed pictures yet of the global carbon trade. Not surprisingly, China, which has become the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide, remains the world’s factory. About 13 percent of China’s emissions in 2015 came from making stuff for other countries. In India, another fast-growing emitter, the figure is 20 percent. The United States, for its part, remains the world’s leading importer of what the researchers call “embodied carbon.” If the United States were held responsible for all the pollution worldwide that resulted from manufacturing the cars, clothing and other goods that Americans use, the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions would be 14 percent bigger than its domestic-only numbers suggest. Between 1995 and 2015, the report found, as wealthier countries like Japan and Germany were cutting their own emissions, they were also doubling or tripling the amount of carbon dioxide they outsourced to China. Under the Paris climate agreement, countries are held responsible only for the emissions produced within their own borders.

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Men smoking in Jerusalem pub Israel expands smoking ban in public places By News from Elsewhere… …as found by BBC Monitoring These are external links and will open in a new window Image caption Water-pipe tobacco sales have shot up in recent years Israel has ramped up its tough restrictions on smoking in public to include previously designated spaces. Smoking tobacco is now prohibited in all government offices, courts, religious councils, hospitals and clinics, and the ban will also be applied to concerts, demonstrations and all open-air events attended by more than 50 people, the Ynet news site reports. There will also be a complete ban on smoking at swimming pools, open-air sports facilities, playgrounds, zoos, the entrances to pre-schools, and in closed car parks. Some venues will be allowed to designate smoking areas at least 10 metres from the entrance “as long as they do not inconvenience other parts of the facility, or residences”, Ynet says. The new restrictions were set out in a bill in May. It came into force on 1 September, after years of complaints by campaigners that the health ministry had not done enough to tackle the relatively high rate of smoking in the country. The Health Ministry’s Moshe Bar Siman Tov promised parliament in May that the government would also ban smoking areas in bars and restaurants, Ynet reports. Council inspectors will be allowed to fine individuals 1,000 shekels (£214 ; $277) and the owners of public spaces 5,000 shekels (£1,069; $1,385) if the new rules are broken, but the health ministry acknowledges that many local authorities have not even been enforcing previous bans. Israel’s 1983 Clean Air Act was amended in 2007 to fine owners of commercial properties permitting smoking in enclosed spaces, but allowed them to provide well-ventilated and completely separate areas for smokers as long as these accounted for no more than 25% of the whole premises. Reshet 13 TV sent reporters out in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv the day the measures came into force and found people still enjoying a smoke in various forbidden places, including a crowded playground, with no officials to stop them.

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